ASBA Connect 8.22.19

New ASBA webpage dedicated to U.S. Census 2020 resources


ASBA is excited to promote a new webpage dedicated to information and resources for members to use to keep their local community informed on the importance of participating in the upcoming Census in 2020. The new webpage includes quick facts, key dates, graphics, articles and other external resources.


The Census determines the level of federal funding for programs that impact schools, students and families. About $700 billion is distributed in resources each year to states and localities for 16 programs, including Title 1 Grants, National School Lunch Program, Special Education Grants, Foster Care, Section 8, Head Start and more.


Several factors are leading to predictions of a larger than normal undercount for.....


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Equal vote, equal voice at Delegate Assembly – 99 districts registered


At the Delegate Assembly, every ASBA member district has an equal vote and an equal voice in developing the ASBA Political Agenda for the year ahead. This critical document determines the association's positions on legislation and informs all our advocacy efforts in four core areas:


  • Adequately and equitably funding district schools to at least the national median per pupil funding
  • Preserving and strengthening local control
  • Improving outcomes for all students
  • Requiring public accountability for taxpayer dollars spent on education


As of August 22, 2019, 99 of the 223 eligible ASBA member districts have registered a delegate to be part of this process. An agenda that represents the diverse interests of public school governing boards....

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Are students short-changed when school boards don’t pursue professional development?

Written by Linda Lyon, Immediate Past President


Greek philosopher Socrates said, “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing”. Yet according to, his “way of life, character, and thought exerted a profound influence on ancient and modern philosophy.” In other words, he was a smart guy. But he knew the more you know, the more you know there is more to learn.


That’s why when I hear of governing boards who don’t pursue professional development for their board members, it makes me wonder whether their students are being short-changed. I have been to over 30 ASBA conferences and countless other training opportunities in the last seven years and there isn’t a one of them that wasn’t valuable to my service as a board member. Often, I gained knowledge I didn’t even know I needed. Usually, it came in the form of questions I needed to ask my superintendent or fellow board members.


One example are the sessions that have focused on data as insight to lackluster student achievement. Another is the discussions on equity, which aren’t just about race or gender. As I’ve traveled around the state, visiting a variety of school districts, each of them dealing with.....


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How a PE teacher recovered from workplace injury - an article by the Trust
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Self-report your advocacy activities - Pillar Award form closes Sept. 1
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Funding to Pursue National Board Certification
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ASBA Law Conference, Sept. 4-6

Delegate Assembly, Sept. 7


Rooms at the Camelback Inn are sold out. Reservations are now being accepted at the Mountain Shadows Resort. The cutoff date to reserve rooms is August 14.


ASBA County Meetings - Sept. 24 - Oct. 30


Registration begins Aug. 19. New Town Hall on "What Makes School Safe?"

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Wonder what Census 2020 asks? Find out here
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Young people play an essential role in elections
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Before voting: Check Legislators’ support for public education
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