Capital Lawsuit Moves Forward

It’s good to hear the Governor acknowledged that great public schools need to be part of Arizona’s recipe for success. And, we are making progress toward having the best public schools in every community. The state is now keeping pace with inflation funding and more money is being committed to meet student growth.


In addition, we’re very pleased to know the Governor also has a plan to restore some of the long-standing cuts.


While we welcome the opportunity to work with the Governor on this issue and appreciate the potentially meaningful assurances made today, they do not resolve the long-term and systemic problems addressed in the capital lawsuit, which continues to move forward.


The funding situation of our public schools is dire; in particular our capital funding needs have gone unmet for a decade. And all Arizona school funding relates to our ability to pay teachers.


The capital lawsuit addresses our needs in a way that is equitable, sustainable and consistent with what the constitution explicitly requires.


Click here for background information on the capital lawsuit which can be found on the ASBA website under Advocacy.